Thursday, October 29, 2009

Clarice Bean - CUTE

Hi! Sorry, but this is gonna be a short post. I'm in a rush.
It's been a while I know, but I wanna tell you all about some really good books called "Clarice Bean". There are lots of little books, and a 3 novelish stories.

Written by Lauren Child, who is AMAZING. Her books are really imaginitive, even the way the font is is inspringing.

This is one of my favourites (I have all 3);

They are written as if Clarice herself is talking. It's utterly charming, and very cute. The stories have a way of talking about big problems (bullying & family) in a simple, friendly, funny way. Clarice is inspired by her book hero Ruby Redfort, and its really cute to see how children look up to others, and has a lot of leadership (see Clairce Bean, Don't Look Now).

Lauren Child also has writting children's stories about Charlie and Lola, which are also very cute.

So, if you need your daily dose of fun, wit and amazingness, then you should UTTERLY buy the Clarice Bean books. The 3 novels are, Clairce Bean, Don't Look Now, Clarice Bean Spells Trouble & Utterly Me, Clarice Bean. YAY!
Until next time, K. xx

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Batman a style icon?

In this photo shoot, Batman is posing with Ali Stephens, whom i think could put him to shame.

What do YOU think?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Schoolyard Music

Hey! So, at my school my group sits (well, stands) around the tech buildings, and sometimes when me and some of my closest friends feel like it, we sing some of our favourite songs. This is gonna be pretty much a list, but I'm gonna tell a few stories aswell, so dont get disappointed.

The latest song is none other than Beyonce, Single Ladies. Ever since that GLEE episode me and my friends learnt the dance, and our goal is to teach it to heaps of people, but enough about that. Me and my friend Lozza (nickname) pretty much tackled this guy to the ground 'cause he said he had single ladies on his phone. The song is seriously catchy and addictive!

And Oh My GOODNESS! Black Eyed Peas with Tonight's Gonna Be a Good Night. Even my English teacher was singing this song!!

But before that, there was Flo Rida, feat. Nelly Futardo, with JUMP. Oh my Lordy! That was the best lucnh period ever! We sung the chorus over and over. Really catchy, its got a good use of rapping and pop (i thinks its pop, i dunno).

Then it was sexy bitch by David Guetta, our number 1 song while playing soccer handball before school. Its really addictive to sing, and nearly everyone knows the words. DAYUM!
And then it was Good Girls Go Bad, sorry, but I've had a mind blank and I don't know the name of the singer.

A special thanks to all my friends, Blaire, Janet, James, Lauren, Michelle, Jess, Mrs T. and Sam for singing with me in our lunch times! Its seriously fun.
Until next time, luv K.

Photos & IT.

What is "IT", i hear you asking me? well, IT is it. Because IT can be anything you want IT to be. Sadly, I have no idea what to write about for photography, so I'm going to tell you about what people can express throught their images.

Photography is a media that can be in any form, colour or shape, of anyone, thing or place. My father is a photographer, and so I get HEAPS of talks about the ISO and the shutter speed, but I don't care about that. I'm an artisty person and I care about what's actually in the photo, so I'm gonna google random things and say what they express in the photo. haha! I find it funny that in nearly all my posts I advertise Google! Haha!

This is a pic I got of a zebra, but I Photoshopped it to show the strangeness' of life that go un-noticed (spelling??);

It came out seriously better than I thought it would, so, YAY for me!!
I can't find very much now, so I'd better end it there. And I'm sorry that this was a shiz post, but I can't find the SD card translator for my computer, so...
But I prome my next post will make up for this one!!
Until next time...Lots of Luvin', K.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

must i say more

I don't really know what i want to blog about at the moment. My brothers are just about murdering eachother, it's the thing 9 ("nearly 10") and 5 year olds do.
So i decided to get away from their squeels, which are just about as easy to hear as they were 10 minutes ago, and take some time to chill. Which isn't really working. But you know...

So I am going to blog about lots. Why? Cos i feel like it. And it distracts me from my stupid stupid stupid stupid brothers. No, I really do love them...Sometimes.

(Yet another) so, i have now been told to do my homework, which is quite unforgiving, but instead i am doing both. I will now start with, my most recent things/doomyshabobbies, as well as right nows!

This skirt

From Myer, the brand's Tokito for anyone who cares, and it's really nice, and not too expensive, this was on the sale rack for about $40!!!!!!!!

I also got this one piece swim suit, because i really just needed something stylish for at home, and i settled on this awesomely patterned one piece from Swimwear Galore.

Sorry about the blurry photos.
This brand is funkita, and they cute, and such a bargain, only $56!


As per usual, my english teacher told me to go borrow from the library, so borrow i did. I borrowed 'The Slightly True Story of Cedar B. Hartley (who planned to live an unusual life)' which i can't wait to read, since i have read the other one of the Cedar B. Hartley books, and it was really good, or so i remember. To go with that i have a bit of an easy read.. Gossip girl...mmm. A recipe made in heaven.

Vanessa Amorosi (yes i know it's spelt wrong) has a new number 1 single 'This is who I am'
It's quite modern, but the message and words are really touching.

Well I'm off to beddybyes now, and while your doing that, have a look atmy first post on, i blog under Vintage Rose.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gossip girl THE BOOK

Now, before we go ANYWHERE, my first impression of Gossip Girl the book series was "What a pathetic excuse for a book!" well, that was my first impression. Then, i read them.
For anyone who has seen the tv series, you know how awesome Gossip Girl truly is. You may think there is no point in reading the books if you have seen the first 2 seasons plus the 1st or 2nd or maybe even 3rd episodes of the third series, well if you do think that... think again! They are awesome!
They are even naughtier then the tv show, and what's more, you can imagine Blaire, Serena, Jenny, Dan, Nate and Chuck differently.
If dark haired Nate doesnt do it for you, why dont we make him blonde, though i do LOVE Nate Archibald!

If you need help finding them at the local library, look under Cecily Von Ziegsar.

I'm very sorry this was a short post, but i've been very busy with first week back at school!
Oh and warning, im going to be away all next week, so Kia shall be here as me and her and well, you know!!

Sorry once again
Love, as always,


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Heels Obsession

Is it just me or am I getting obsessed with heels? Sure, blisters, cramps and squashed toes are all part of the experience, but the colour, style, and textures are to die for!

Darling, yes?! I absoulutely (sorry, spell check? I always get stuck on that word!!) Anyway, I really like the colour combinations in this, and just look at those patterns, wonderful.

These are some from the same company. See the one on the bottom right? I used to think those kinds were real ugly (no offense to those who wear them regularly.) But now I see them in a different light, however, i wouldn't buy that one in particular.

But no matter how out-there and wild a pair of heels may be, we all need that perfect pair, that are utterly beautiful and we wear all the time. These are my favourite kind, (like above) they're not over the top or colour crazy, which is fine - depending on the occasion- but these ones are the ones that we wear on only the most special of occasions, am I right? Of course I am!
Now go out and find your perfect pair, every girl has one, maybe even some boys, who knows? Until next time, K. xx

Saturday, October 10, 2009

M's Music

So I hear you ask, “what music are you crushing on?”

well I would have to say shwayze, seriously! such a good hip hop/rapper, among others. Personally, i used to hate rapping/hip-hop, but i actually love listening to his songs. I love them, though some are explicit (WARNING!!!!) they are always seriously catchy (EVEN MORE WARNING!!) ! I really like 'my girl', 'high together', 'buzzin’', 'Hollywood' and 'James Brown is dead', oh and of course i won't forget his newish one 'Get you home' which is more pop then the others.

Another couple of songs I am loving is “Sexy bitch” by David Guetta, and “good girls go bad” featuring Leighton Meester (ahh I love her) but I think I liked them better when I didn’t really know what they were, and was just dancing to them on the dance floor for the hell of it. but still, good music!

BEP (Black Eyed Peas) also have a relatively new song called 'meet me halfway' which is definetly catchy. How jealous was i when my friends mum went to their concert, YOU DONT WANNA KNOW!

oh and na├»ve by the kooks, I know it is old but they are so good, I love that song. and the Kaiser chiefs! have a listen to “ruby” its great!

and, I’m sorry to hurt all you ‘good’ music lovers, but I really don’t mind some of that 80’s shiz either! Probably cos i was brought up with it all, honestly i love it. Air guitars are the definition of life! 

oh and don’t forget 30H!3, god I love them, try “starstrukk” so catchy! They are soo funny!! oh and warning, may be explicit aswell...

All Time Lows songs are pretty damn good too! I think I’m going for a list here! Oh anchor & Braille ‘s “still sleeping” is quite a beautiful song too. yeah i told you it was a list..

Love as always, M!


Friday, October 9, 2009


monet - artist
hi! i'm going to talk to you about one of my favourite artists, monet! Monet (Claude Monet) was born in November, 1840! He was a fabulous impressionist painter, and a landscape painter. I'm not sure what impressionist painting is, but I'll describe it anyway! (because otherwise it'd be a VERY short post.:D) I believe that impressionist painting is when the artist draws and paints a scene but with the style of how he sees it. For example, a rich person on the side of a dry road, and on the other, an old man, poor and wet from soaking rains. This would show how different life is, and express the painters inner eye. And landscape painting is paintings of landscapes, DUH!

One of my favourite Monet pictures is this one right here:

I adore the colours and how he paints in a kind of silohette. I paint, and I find it very, very hard to get reflections on water, however in this image, must be an exception.

There a LOADS of Monet works, but I don't want to waste precious blogging space, so you'll have to google them yourself, sorry. My teacher told me that if you scrape away all the paint, layer by layer, you'd find the work before the finished piece, until you reach the bottom of the canvas, which would have the sketches for the masterpiece!!

So, this was my little tribute to Mr. Monet and his works. So now, go out and try to be like Monet, which I think would be extremely hard for those who can't grow beards, but you certainly can if you take my comment as a metaphor. Until another time, when I finally get rid of my finger cramps from typing, K.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

how to use black and white

Why choose to add black and white to a photo? Black and white is the perfect choice in many ways, it adds timelessness to the photo, it makes the photo interesting, it emphasizes the depthin the photo, it heightens the emotional content and makes the photo look crisp and clean.

TIP 1:
The first tip I want to share with you is when in doubt, take the picture!

TIP 2:

Adding black and white to this picture adds an overcast and stormy sort of look, it was actually taken in sunny California! To me it even looks like a hurricane/large storm is going to begin! It also adds depth to the picture.

TIP 3:
To add emotions to a picture add black and white! If you have an emotional or sad picture, adding black and white to it makes the emotion more visible and moving.

Black and white also has a very touching effect when the subject is babies or children, it adds a certain, je ne sais quoi.

love always m


lemony snicket: witty, charming & in silohette
Lemony Snicket as I'm sure you know is the author of what he calls 13 "dismal" books about the Baudelaires, Horseradish; Bitter Truths You Can't Avoid, The Beatrice Letters and Lemony Snicket; The Unauthorised Autobiography.

What i love about Lemony Snicket is his sense of humour. The way he weaves in intrusting vocabulary, quotations and a kind of "obvious" humour makes him all the more addictive to read. I also love how he disguises himself by "Lemony Snicket" and pretends his representitive is "Daniel Handler" (himself :S sorry, didnt want to give it away but....) and talks about himself like he's on the run (back of his series of unfortunate events).

I recently finished his book "Horseradish". Its full of interesting thoughts and lines about stuff that we often think, but nobody says. On the blurb it says that these things are stuff he mentions a dinner parties and in his own head.

A Series of Unfortunate Events however is a wonderful story (or collection of stories) about the "woeful" -a word which here means utterly unfortunate and sad to read- lives of the Baudelaire orphans. It's given me lots of new words to my vocabulary and has been so entertaining and humorous that I've decided to read them again.

His unauthorised Autobigraphy was more of a story about the things he found while "recording and researching" the Baudelaires lives. Filled with pictures of himself as a youngin' and hilarious songs and records of a VFD meeting, I highly reccommend reading between books, if you know what I mean.
 What he says are utterly horrible and dismal books, are what I think highly entertaining and for anybody. The way he writes is spectacular! His books, I think, are for anybody to read, except those who have not yet grasped that concept at the current time. So, go embrace the dismalality (is that even a word Mr. Snicket??) of his works. Also, sorry about not writing about "The Beatrice Letters" I still have yet to find it in my local library.
Until next time, K. xx

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Dearest readers!
I have just realised that comments have been disabled with our new layout!! AAAHHHH!!
I will have to fix it ASAP!
While we are doing that, check out !

love M XXX

Saturday, October 3, 2009


i love 80's
hi! so, I'm not very musical, except for singstar which I love! and do you know which singstar I love the most??? 80'S thats right boys and girls. In my house my dad is always playing 80's songs on the record player and on youtube and testing me on whether I know who "fred and the playboy band" was and whether they sung 'Judy in Disguise' or not (note: they did.) 80's music has a kind of essence to it that makes the songs stand out from any song today. From the suductive video clip from Soft Cell with "tainted love" to the techno tunes from Nena with "99 Red Balloons".

The video clips look, now, very cheesy and the quality of the images aren't very good, but they're different to todays music. In the 80's the clips were more acting of the song rather than dancing while singing, coughcoughBEYONCEsingleladiescoughcough... sorry about that, I had something in my throat, hahaha no.

Moving on! I know heaps of 80's songs because my cousin gave me her mP3 player in 2007 and she has a whole collection! Some of my favourites are; Kenny Logins FOOTLOOSE, Soft Cell TAINTED LOVE, Nena 99 RED BALLOONS and Madonna MATERIAL GIRL. Here are some of the albums:

There you have it! 80's, the era of music that's never, ever been forgoten. And as in the lyrics of Tainted Love, "I've got to *da da* get away!"
So, I'll see you later! Luv, K.

Friday, October 2, 2009


T I G H T S !
Hello readers (the few that there are), only recently have I discovered patterned tights. I never really wore them, not 100% sure why..Well on with my story..
A friend and I were shopping in Dotti, looking for the most ridiculous bargains, and ridiculous bargains we got.
As soon as we walked in we checked out the $9.99(Aussie Dollars that is) sale rack, the first thing I saw was possibly one of the most disgusting skirts (no offence WHAT so ever to Dotti, everything else is fair quality!), then next was a singlet, which I just was NOT looking for, and then came the jeans, ah $10 jeans. They are pretty damned good jeans too, I mean for $10!!! So I just had to get them…then I saw them, I saw the patterned leggings…ah the sensation I got in my heart! Well obviously I had to buy them too, I mean WARDROBE NECESSITIE!! I do quite like them too! Until I found out the back of my dress was undone and all the boys that were staring at what I thought were my schmexy leggings but actually my YELLOW bonds undies through my schmexy leggings. Well I still like them!

Anyway, since that day I have been on a continuous mission to find **sigh** patterned leggings/tights. Here is what I have found..
Designer Legs (mmm delissh)

• If you are looking for stocked shops Sportsgirl, Witchery, David Jones and Myer are all stocked up in patterned tights, not to forget those gorgeous little quirky shops in the lanes of Melbourne.

Please tell me what you think about patterned tights and how you wear them, maybe even where you got them from!

As always