Sunday, October 11, 2009

Heels Obsession

Is it just me or am I getting obsessed with heels? Sure, blisters, cramps and squashed toes are all part of the experience, but the colour, style, and textures are to die for!

Darling, yes?! I absoulutely (sorry, spell check? I always get stuck on that word!!) Anyway, I really like the colour combinations in this, and just look at those patterns, wonderful.

These are some from the same company. See the one on the bottom right? I used to think those kinds were real ugly (no offense to those who wear them regularly.) But now I see them in a different light, however, i wouldn't buy that one in particular.

But no matter how out-there and wild a pair of heels may be, we all need that perfect pair, that are utterly beautiful and we wear all the time. These are my favourite kind, (like above) they're not over the top or colour crazy, which is fine - depending on the occasion- but these ones are the ones that we wear on only the most special of occasions, am I right? Of course I am!
Now go out and find your perfect pair, every girl has one, maybe even some boys, who knows? Until next time, K. xx

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