Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gossip girl THE BOOK

Now, before we go ANYWHERE, my first impression of Gossip Girl the book series was "What a pathetic excuse for a book!" well, that was my first impression. Then, i read them.
For anyone who has seen the tv series, you know how awesome Gossip Girl truly is. You may think there is no point in reading the books if you have seen the first 2 seasons plus the 1st or 2nd or maybe even 3rd episodes of the third series, well if you do think that... think again! They are awesome!
They are even naughtier then the tv show, and what's more, you can imagine Blaire, Serena, Jenny, Dan, Nate and Chuck differently.
If dark haired Nate doesnt do it for you, why dont we make him blonde, though i do LOVE Nate Archibald!

If you need help finding them at the local library, look under Cecily Von Ziegsar.

I'm very sorry this was a short post, but i've been very busy with first week back at school!
Oh and warning, im going to be away all next week, so Kia shall be here as me and her and well, you know!!

Sorry once again
Love, as always,


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