Thursday, October 15, 2009

must i say more

I don't really know what i want to blog about at the moment. My brothers are just about murdering eachother, it's the thing 9 ("nearly 10") and 5 year olds do.
So i decided to get away from their squeels, which are just about as easy to hear as they were 10 minutes ago, and take some time to chill. Which isn't really working. But you know...

So I am going to blog about lots. Why? Cos i feel like it. And it distracts me from my stupid stupid stupid stupid brothers. No, I really do love them...Sometimes.

(Yet another) so, i have now been told to do my homework, which is quite unforgiving, but instead i am doing both. I will now start with, my most recent things/doomyshabobbies, as well as right nows!

This skirt

From Myer, the brand's Tokito for anyone who cares, and it's really nice, and not too expensive, this was on the sale rack for about $40!!!!!!!!

I also got this one piece swim suit, because i really just needed something stylish for at home, and i settled on this awesomely patterned one piece from Swimwear Galore.

Sorry about the blurry photos.
This brand is funkita, and they cute, and such a bargain, only $56!


As per usual, my english teacher told me to go borrow from the library, so borrow i did. I borrowed 'The Slightly True Story of Cedar B. Hartley (who planned to live an unusual life)' which i can't wait to read, since i have read the other one of the Cedar B. Hartley books, and it was really good, or so i remember. To go with that i have a bit of an easy read.. Gossip girl...mmm. A recipe made in heaven.

Vanessa Amorosi (yes i know it's spelt wrong) has a new number 1 single 'This is who I am'
It's quite modern, but the message and words are really touching.

Well I'm off to beddybyes now, and while your doing that, have a look atmy first post on, i blog under Vintage Rose.


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