Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Stuff Eh?

Hello Everybody!

Um, I'm not sure anyone reads this anymore... LOL we are SUCH bad bloggers. But please comment if you want us to run a NEW creative writing blog! You guys can send us some of your short stories if you want and we can post them on this blog. Don't wanna give too much away (cause you know how people steal ideas!!) but also because it may not happen if we can't get you guys to comment on this VERY post!

If we do start the new blog, we will still run this one on the side.

You guys know what to do! Comment if you wanna us to start up a blog that EVERYONE can be involved in!! xoxo (lol - like on Gossip Girl!) Kel and Mads. :D

Monday, January 11, 2010

How to Wear It!!

Heyo, I was on Roiworld (AGAIN!!) and clicked down the bottom of the website where it read "Designer Closet". For those who've checked out Roiworld, there are dressup games that have clothes designed by pro fashion people. But when you click the link there's a list of those games and it comes up with tips on how to wear eg; bikinis and info on them. Try it out!!

It's really interesting to see how it works and stuff. There's  a new game everyday so check it out. http://www.roiworld.com/

Until next time, K. xx

Teach Yourself to Draw Faces

Hi! It's been AGES. So go onto http://www.roiworld.com/ and play some beauty games. They're great for learning how to draw faces. All you need is scrap paper and a pencil. Rememer, the more to practise the better your faces get.

Some games I recommend are "Ice Princess", "Natural Lips" and "Holiday Hottie".
Until next time, K. xx