Wednesday, September 30, 2009


                                l a y o u t in p h o t o s
hey. so, I'm gonna talk to you all about how important it is to get the perfect photo. It all has to do with the layout in the picture. In graphics tech at school my teacher told us the the perfect business cards have three sections to their front design of the card. So I thought, "could I use that in a photo?".

I've been googling Autmn scences to show you what this style looks like:

The 3 sections are the tree (the actual, whats the word? pieces of wood, like the stump...) the bottom section of leaves and the top part.

Its also good to frame your pictures with, say, a tree. When I went on my school camp to Winton, we went to this water hole and I took some great photos by framing the water hole with the edge of a tree or having one of my friends stand in the side of the frame.  You don't always need the subject in your picture in the centre, if you move it or them to the side you can fit in more scenery, which is a bonus!! *ding ding ding*.

So go out and test my theory or 3 sections. Leave a comment if ya want with you photo and tell us what you think. I guess I'll talk to you later! luv K.


                                         h a r a j u k u   style.

hi. so, if you like crazy, colourful, weird and wonderful fashions i recommed harajuku style. I recently went to Japan with my family and 2 of my friends. We went to Tokyo, Kanazawa, Hakuba, Tengendai, Kyoto, and of course Harajuku, in Tokyo city. I'd put pictures up of it but sadly there are none I can find on my USB, so I googled it. (see below)

As you can see, layers, colours and cute hair clips are all the rage. When I was there, I went down a street with heaps of shops, there were goth shops, pink shops and even Harajuku dog fashion shops, (there was an outfit like a strawberry!!). I also saw heaps of girls with frilly, "little bo peep" type dresses with high socks and bonnets, (most likely texting on an iPhone).

So to keep with my Japanese theme there is a song sung by Alphaville called "Big in Japan" in the music section somewhere. Its not the full one so you can youtube or google it and hear the whole thing. Also if you go onto, or something like that watch the video of them in Japan HILARIOUS!

I learnt a bunch in Japan, how to read some kanji, speak to the hotel staff (eg; "imananji desuka? -what is the time?), skiing is awsome and Harajuku ROX my stripey high socks!
Love as always & go to Japan sometime soon, K.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


                     s t o l e n

Yeah, i think it's the title that grabbed me, and the blurb, and the front cover....
Firstly, Stolen, is an awesome book, so far i'm only half way through it..but seriously i reckon it's better to blog when you're halfway through a book, so you don't give away all the secrets, and if you need to edit the post you can when your done reading the book, but anyway, a little off topic there... where was i?
Lucy Christopher has made a lovely read, the book itself only weighs a kg or two, i mean it isnt the heaviest book (physically) but emotionally, HECK, it may as well be an African Elephant or 2... I reccommend it for advanced readers over the age of 12, but seriously LOVE IT!

Okay so this book, it's about this girl, called Gemma, who is from the UK. When the book begins she is at Bangkok airport (anyone who's been there must know how busy it is), and is in a bad mood with her parents. To get away from them Gemma goes to the coffee shop to get a coffee, once she realises she doesnt have the right money to buy the coffee, her eyes meet with those of a (possible) angel, and he buys her the coffee. So this guy, Ty, who has a bit of a funny accent, talks to Gemma. She realises that he's a little too old for her but why should she care. She talks to him, and before she knows it, she has been drugged, and taken to a land of sand, heat, dirt and danger.

The book is written in the form of a longgg letter, a letter to her captor.

So far 4 stars, must i say much more than read it, now now now now now now NOWWWW!!!

The only reason i'm being so pushy is cos i know that you'll love it!

M, xx


Monday, September 28, 2009


                                                                                                        SPEEDY POST!
okay so GLEE has only just come to Australia,
BUT, the remixes of all the songs are awesome. I especially like:
  • Gold digger (Originally by..Kanye...)
  • Take a bow (Rhianna)
  • Push it (?)
  • Don't stop believin' (It's theirs, no not a remix, an original..i think?)

XXm -  both of us are GLEEKS.


                                                                & things

Hey, Mads here! Okay so lately i've been totally into fashion scrap booking and stuff and.. making handbags..."HOWW?" I hear you ask, well basically i got one of my old skirts, turned it inside out, sewed up the bottom, chopped a little off, the bottom, got an old chain belt, and TA DA! A's mine...

Yeah.. I made that, that's how easy it is!

Okay so scrapbooking, i have discovered that to make it more interesting you add all different types of uhh, brain know bases, no no, textiles..well you know, the different types of..MATERIALS!
Well heres the first page of my newest scrapbook:

Okay yeah yeah i know im not the best drawer but seriously i think the mixture of materials looks pretty awesome. All i did was cut out a picture of a dress and some shoes from MADISON with detail, cut out the legs, head, and arms, and draw them in my self with a black texta. Just to top it off i added in a little red paper rose in the hair.
Here are the rest of my pages:

Hope you liked it, thats all for now!
love mads xx

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Musics of Now

m u s i c s
Hi. This is my new post on the musics of now.Excuse me if its not very good because my MP3 player (I know! ancient) is out of charge and I lost the charger, but anyways it was old and I didn't know how to put sogns on it. Its a long story.

However! My top 3 musics of now are: Like it like that, Guy Sebastian; We are Golden, MIKA; Sexy Bitch, Akon and (even thought its an oldy) Radio Gaga, Queen.

So you can google or youtube them, whatever. But they are my favourite songs of now, and when Freddy Mercury was still alive... But there is more good news! I can finally play Ode to Joy and the Can-Can on the keyboard! My lalaby of now is Green Sleves, its really cute.
See ya later Alligator! K.

Friday, September 25, 2009

"K" Talks about her Book Moment

book moment
hi, its me, K. Yep, its been a, i want to share with you my book moment.
So, most people think that reading a book for English is boring, and truth is, it is. BUT, not for me. My class is reading Goodnight Mister Tom. Its REALLY good, so go read it, NOW!! :) anyway, this is what its about;
A boy called William (Willie) was evacuated from his mother to the country as the Second World War begins. In his old home in London he was bullied, beat, and malnourished. But under the care of old, Me Tom Oakley he begins to flourish. However, his mother brings him back to London, will he ever see Mr Tom again?

Its really cute. So far I'm up to chapter 12, but its good so far. By the way I'm multi-reading, which is an advanced skill, and I would value you highly if you could do it too. So, I'm multi-reading the before mentioned and Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows, which is also just as good.

So, go out and stretch you minds beyond breaking point, venture into the unknown of the imagination and ride over the waves of the many stories written for you to read in the library, book store or peacefully at home. Read each word with love and understanding and let the plot take you over so that nothing can disturb your peacful haven of narrativity. Anyway, enough poetry, just READ A BOOK!

luv ya! K.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Um, I'm really forgetful, and in the post with heaps of awesome links, i sorta forgot to post my (recent) FAVOURITE webby!
Visit for some pleasant surprises, and for the most enjoyment as possible, look under Sauvie Island, Golden Hour, Wit & Prim and Oregon Coast.


Love as always,

when you wake and find me gone

when you wake and find me gone
                                   By Maureen McCarthy

"When You Wake and Find Me Gone" is a book that is reccommended for readers over the age of 13, and is really a great book. It is about a 20 year old girl, Kit, who discovers a deep, dark and mysterious family secret, and and when she discovers the secrets and its consequences, they will change the course of her life.

The blurb reads..

So how did you meet him? I hear you asking.
Was it love at first sight? Was he a fellow teacher? Did you meet in a pub?

This might be hard to believe,
but the first time I looked into your father's eyes,
he was holding a gun to my head.....

Everything is coming together for twenty-year-old Kit. She loves her new subjects at uni, she has some great friends, her big country family is safely three hours away, and the lecturer she's been idolising for months seems interested in her. Kit's life is taking off.

But then there's an accident, the family calls Kit back, and suddenly all her certainties are shattered. Kit takes off to Ireland in search of answers. What she finds is a past dominated by violence, a present where the history still lives and a man who can help her understand..

Next time you're in a book store, i definetly reccommend picking this up! Maureen McCarthy has outdone herself in When You Wake and Find Me Gone.

Until next time,

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


speedy post!
dear readers,
i have recently discovered an awesome (fashion) website, called (thanks to Steph Bowe), it not only has gorgeous dresses for proms and debs, it also has killer competitions.  Aswell as this website, i'm going to share with you my absolute fave websites for you fashionistas out there.
there will be more to come

love, as always M, xx

Monday, September 21, 2009


so hey, its spring/summer holidays (in australia), and its just about time to have a little look at what swimsuits we should be getting for the summer. Well, heres what i think is a must-have (if not, a must look at!) swimsuit, for summer;

aren't they just adorable?
they put a little, well sophisticated fun (so to speak) into swimming, don't you think?
they are fine for most body shapes, and make you look slim. oh and i do believe that they will be quite popular this summer, which hopefully means BARGAINS!!!

love, m

oh and note: i will be posting some websites links soon!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Things to be Proud of

first follower!!
speedy post here:
I know it's a bit late, but I've been doing other things...
But enough about me, I want to congratulate our very first follower, STEPH BOWE.
From what I've read, Steph is a 15 year old aspiring author who lives in Victoria, Australia. She blogs at Hey! Teenager Of The Year and is Australias #75 writers blog! I know I'd like to be an author of good books one day, but Steph Bowe is already there!!
Congratulations! From M&K, xx.

Photography (Post 1)

p h o t o g r a p h y
hi! so, right now i'm gonna tell you all about something that i really enjoy.
photography,  but whats even more fun is editing them so they become wild & fun images for you and friends to enjoy.
Now, i'm not a great photoshopper, but I certainly know some really fun things to do on this programme, but before i tell you, i'm just gonna plug photoshop a tad.
Photoshop is a computer programme from ADOBE, other adobe products you might know are; flash and fireworks. Photoshop was designed to give photographers the chance to enhance their creations even further. The latest version of Photoshop is CS4.

Cool. So now my first favourite thing to do is called "liquidfy". This is where you can bend and stretch parts of the image. Like this:

see how the eyes and stuff are all streched? Thats pretty much liquidfy.
And now, my other favourite, Hue/Saturation
This is where you can distort the colours that are in a picture to make a brighter, more colourful (or darker, whatever you want) image. This could be used if you are a pro photographer to, for example, change the colour of water in an ocean photo. However in this one I changed the colour of a cat:

As you can tell, the kitten is now blue, when it used to be orange.
SO, you should have learnt 2 things from this posting: 1, that you should most likely but photoshop because it is so addictive and fun and 2, that I really like cats!!
talk to you next time, Kia.xx

Thursday, September 17, 2009

If only if only

if only if only
Hia, It's mads,
Just going to post a blog of a poem that i wrote a while ago, hope you like it!

If only, If only
If only, if only love existed in every soul, no heart were broken,
If only, if only life were forever, there were no loss, no pain,
If only, if only there were no death at all, no heavan, no hell, no devil, no angel,
If only, if only ever child's voice were heard, every baby saw the blue sky,
If only, if only no family suffered pain, a good song lasted a life time,
If only, if only no friends were lost in the midst of life, no whip were cracked,
If only, if only, every mother had the chance to say good bye,
If only our world were perfect.
By Maddy,

This poem is dedicated to The Cramp Family.
I hope you enjoyed it!
Why don't you write your own if only poem, and comment us with it! We'll be sure to post it!

always, Mads

Kia - fashion NEWSFLASH

 F A S H I O N    N E W S F L A S H
HI! So, do you people wear hightop skirts? I know that I don't but I only have one, haha.
But here is a picture of one (note: this is pretty over the top, but its cool)

There it is! -->
so, my challenge to all you people out there is to say what kinds of tops and shoes go with different kinds of skirts or hightop shorts. Also, can you please tell me how to look after your hair and what kind of hairstyles people you know have!
this is your mission.
love always Kelbel x

I Love U

I Love U
So, most people I no put ILY at the end of emails, or messages.
And then at school my friends were like, making up different things that they could stand for, (yes, im talking about u, ella and mark! luv u both) so what i want our trusty followers to do is to say what other things could "ILY" stand for!

Love meee (k) x

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I love quotes and heartfelt lyrics! I especially love ones that make you think about your life!
Here are my favourites;

Well i think i'll attach photos with the quotes/lyrics!

"It's the heart afraid of breaking that never learns to dance. It is the dream afraid of waking that never takes the chance. It is the one who won't be taken who cannot seem to give. And the soul afraid of dying that never learns to live.”
"It's true that we don't know what we've got until we lose it, but it's also true that we don't know what we've been missing until it arrives."
God, i love them!
What are some of your favourite quotes?
P.S these pictures are from my trip overseas, the first one is in Paris, the "Arc du triumph" (SPELLING?) and the second is of the thames in london, at night.
P.P.S you are probably wondering who the "Kelly" in this blog is, well we are still waiting for her to accept her part of it :P
P.P.P.S she will hopefully be here soon!


First of all, i'm going to say hello.

We are still editing our blog, so please give us 24 hours for it to be up and running!

♥ always,