Wednesday, September 23, 2009

when you wake and find me gone

when you wake and find me gone
                                   By Maureen McCarthy

"When You Wake and Find Me Gone" is a book that is reccommended for readers over the age of 13, and is really a great book. It is about a 20 year old girl, Kit, who discovers a deep, dark and mysterious family secret, and and when she discovers the secrets and its consequences, they will change the course of her life.

The blurb reads..

So how did you meet him? I hear you asking.
Was it love at first sight? Was he a fellow teacher? Did you meet in a pub?

This might be hard to believe,
but the first time I looked into your father's eyes,
he was holding a gun to my head.....

Everything is coming together for twenty-year-old Kit. She loves her new subjects at uni, she has some great friends, her big country family is safely three hours away, and the lecturer she's been idolising for months seems interested in her. Kit's life is taking off.

But then there's an accident, the family calls Kit back, and suddenly all her certainties are shattered. Kit takes off to Ireland in search of answers. What she finds is a past dominated by violence, a present where the history still lives and a man who can help her understand..

Next time you're in a book store, i definetly reccommend picking this up! Maureen McCarthy has outdone herself in When You Wake and Find Me Gone.

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