Friday, September 25, 2009

"K" Talks about her Book Moment

book moment
hi, its me, K. Yep, its been a, i want to share with you my book moment.
So, most people think that reading a book for English is boring, and truth is, it is. BUT, not for me. My class is reading Goodnight Mister Tom. Its REALLY good, so go read it, NOW!! :) anyway, this is what its about;
A boy called William (Willie) was evacuated from his mother to the country as the Second World War begins. In his old home in London he was bullied, beat, and malnourished. But under the care of old, Me Tom Oakley he begins to flourish. However, his mother brings him back to London, will he ever see Mr Tom again?

Its really cute. So far I'm up to chapter 12, but its good so far. By the way I'm multi-reading, which is an advanced skill, and I would value you highly if you could do it too. So, I'm multi-reading the before mentioned and Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows, which is also just as good.

So, go out and stretch you minds beyond breaking point, venture into the unknown of the imagination and ride over the waves of the many stories written for you to read in the library, book store or peacefully at home. Read each word with love and understanding and let the plot take you over so that nothing can disturb your peacful haven of narrativity. Anyway, enough poetry, just READ A BOOK!

luv ya! K.

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