Sunday, September 27, 2009

Musics of Now

m u s i c s
Hi. This is my new post on the musics of now.Excuse me if its not very good because my MP3 player (I know! ancient) is out of charge and I lost the charger, but anyways it was old and I didn't know how to put sogns on it. Its a long story.

However! My top 3 musics of now are: Like it like that, Guy Sebastian; We are Golden, MIKA; Sexy Bitch, Akon and (even thought its an oldy) Radio Gaga, Queen.

So you can google or youtube them, whatever. But they are my favourite songs of now, and when Freddy Mercury was still alive... But there is more good news! I can finally play Ode to Joy and the Can-Can on the keyboard! My lalaby of now is Green Sleves, its really cute.
See ya later Alligator! K.


Steph Bowe said...

I love love love that Guy Sebastian song, but (I noticed this in the video clip) whatis with his shirt? It looks like it needs to be thrown out!

maddy A N D kelly said...

Oh my Gosh! I know!! Its funny becaus in my English class (its the BEST!) we sing that song all the time, haha! Its so addictive.