Wednesday, September 30, 2009


                                         h a r a j u k u   style.

hi. so, if you like crazy, colourful, weird and wonderful fashions i recommed harajuku style. I recently went to Japan with my family and 2 of my friends. We went to Tokyo, Kanazawa, Hakuba, Tengendai, Kyoto, and of course Harajuku, in Tokyo city. I'd put pictures up of it but sadly there are none I can find on my USB, so I googled it. (see below)

As you can see, layers, colours and cute hair clips are all the rage. When I was there, I went down a street with heaps of shops, there were goth shops, pink shops and even Harajuku dog fashion shops, (there was an outfit like a strawberry!!). I also saw heaps of girls with frilly, "little bo peep" type dresses with high socks and bonnets, (most likely texting on an iPhone).

So to keep with my Japanese theme there is a song sung by Alphaville called "Big in Japan" in the music section somewhere. Its not the full one so you can youtube or google it and hear the whole thing. Also if you go onto, or something like that watch the video of them in Japan HILARIOUS!

I learnt a bunch in Japan, how to read some kanji, speak to the hotel staff (eg; "imananji desuka? -what is the time?), skiing is awsome and Harajuku ROX my stripey high socks!
Love as always & go to Japan sometime soon, K.

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