Wednesday, September 30, 2009


                                l a y o u t in p h o t o s
hey. so, I'm gonna talk to you all about how important it is to get the perfect photo. It all has to do with the layout in the picture. In graphics tech at school my teacher told us the the perfect business cards have three sections to their front design of the card. So I thought, "could I use that in a photo?".

I've been googling Autmn scences to show you what this style looks like:

The 3 sections are the tree (the actual, whats the word? pieces of wood, like the stump...) the bottom section of leaves and the top part.

Its also good to frame your pictures with, say, a tree. When I went on my school camp to Winton, we went to this water hole and I took some great photos by framing the water hole with the edge of a tree or having one of my friends stand in the side of the frame.  You don't always need the subject in your picture in the centre, if you move it or them to the side you can fit in more scenery, which is a bonus!! *ding ding ding*.

So go out and test my theory or 3 sections. Leave a comment if ya want with you photo and tell us what you think. I guess I'll talk to you later! luv K.

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