Friday, October 2, 2009


T I G H T S !
Hello readers (the few that there are), only recently have I discovered patterned tights. I never really wore them, not 100% sure why..Well on with my story..
A friend and I were shopping in Dotti, looking for the most ridiculous bargains, and ridiculous bargains we got.
As soon as we walked in we checked out the $9.99(Aussie Dollars that is) sale rack, the first thing I saw was possibly one of the most disgusting skirts (no offence WHAT so ever to Dotti, everything else is fair quality!), then next was a singlet, which I just was NOT looking for, and then came the jeans, ah $10 jeans. They are pretty damned good jeans too, I mean for $10!!! So I just had to get them…then I saw them, I saw the patterned leggings…ah the sensation I got in my heart! Well obviously I had to buy them too, I mean WARDROBE NECESSITIE!! I do quite like them too! Until I found out the back of my dress was undone and all the boys that were staring at what I thought were my schmexy leggings but actually my YELLOW bonds undies through my schmexy leggings. Well I still like them!

Anyway, since that day I have been on a continuous mission to find **sigh** patterned leggings/tights. Here is what I have found..
Designer Legs (mmm delissh)

• If you are looking for stocked shops Sportsgirl, Witchery, David Jones and Myer are all stocked up in patterned tights, not to forget those gorgeous little quirky shops in the lanes of Melbourne.

Please tell me what you think about patterned tights and how you wear them, maybe even where you got them from!

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