Saturday, October 3, 2009


i love 80's
hi! so, I'm not very musical, except for singstar which I love! and do you know which singstar I love the most??? 80'S thats right boys and girls. In my house my dad is always playing 80's songs on the record player and on youtube and testing me on whether I know who "fred and the playboy band" was and whether they sung 'Judy in Disguise' or not (note: they did.) 80's music has a kind of essence to it that makes the songs stand out from any song today. From the suductive video clip from Soft Cell with "tainted love" to the techno tunes from Nena with "99 Red Balloons".

The video clips look, now, very cheesy and the quality of the images aren't very good, but they're different to todays music. In the 80's the clips were more acting of the song rather than dancing while singing, coughcoughBEYONCEsingleladiescoughcough... sorry about that, I had something in my throat, hahaha no.

Moving on! I know heaps of 80's songs because my cousin gave me her mP3 player in 2007 and she has a whole collection! Some of my favourites are; Kenny Logins FOOTLOOSE, Soft Cell TAINTED LOVE, Nena 99 RED BALLOONS and Madonna MATERIAL GIRL. Here are some of the albums:

There you have it! 80's, the era of music that's never, ever been forgoten. And as in the lyrics of Tainted Love, "I've got to *da da* get away!"
So, I'll see you later! Luv, K.

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