Tuesday, September 29, 2009


                     s t o l e n

Yeah, i think it's the title that grabbed me, and the blurb, and the front cover....
Firstly, Stolen, is an awesome book, so far i'm only half way through it..but seriously i reckon it's better to blog when you're halfway through a book, so you don't give away all the secrets, and if you need to edit the post you can when your done reading the book, but anyway, a little off topic there... where was i?
Lucy Christopher has made a lovely read, the book itself only weighs a kg or two, i mean it isnt the heaviest book (physically) but emotionally, HECK, it may as well be an African Elephant or 2... I reccommend it for advanced readers over the age of 12, but seriously LOVE IT!

Okay so this book, it's about this girl, called Gemma, who is from the UK. When the book begins she is at Bangkok airport (anyone who's been there must know how busy it is), and is in a bad mood with her parents. To get away from them Gemma goes to the coffee shop to get a coffee, once she realises she doesnt have the right money to buy the coffee, her eyes meet with those of a (possible) angel, and he buys her the coffee. So this guy, Ty, who has a bit of a funny accent, talks to Gemma. She realises that he's a little too old for her but why should she care. She talks to him, and before she knows it, she has been drugged, and taken to a land of sand, heat, dirt and danger.

The book is written in the form of a longgg letter, a letter to her captor.

So far 4 stars, must i say much more than read it, now now now now now now NOWWWW!!!

The only reason i'm being so pushy is cos i know that you'll love it!

M, xx

FYI THE PIC'S FROM http://www.fantasticfiction.co.uk/

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