Friday, September 18, 2009

Photography (Post 1)

p h o t o g r a p h y
hi! so, right now i'm gonna tell you all about something that i really enjoy.
photography,  but whats even more fun is editing them so they become wild & fun images for you and friends to enjoy.
Now, i'm not a great photoshopper, but I certainly know some really fun things to do on this programme, but before i tell you, i'm just gonna plug photoshop a tad.
Photoshop is a computer programme from ADOBE, other adobe products you might know are; flash and fireworks. Photoshop was designed to give photographers the chance to enhance their creations even further. The latest version of Photoshop is CS4.

Cool. So now my first favourite thing to do is called "liquidfy". This is where you can bend and stretch parts of the image. Like this:

see how the eyes and stuff are all streched? Thats pretty much liquidfy.
And now, my other favourite, Hue/Saturation
This is where you can distort the colours that are in a picture to make a brighter, more colourful (or darker, whatever you want) image. This could be used if you are a pro photographer to, for example, change the colour of water in an ocean photo. However in this one I changed the colour of a cat:

As you can tell, the kitten is now blue, when it used to be orange.
SO, you should have learnt 2 things from this posting: 1, that you should most likely but photoshop because it is so addictive and fun and 2, that I really like cats!!
talk to you next time, Kia.xx

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