Thursday, September 17, 2009

If only if only

if only if only
Hia, It's mads,
Just going to post a blog of a poem that i wrote a while ago, hope you like it!

If only, If only
If only, if only love existed in every soul, no heart were broken,
If only, if only life were forever, there were no loss, no pain,
If only, if only there were no death at all, no heavan, no hell, no devil, no angel,
If only, if only ever child's voice were heard, every baby saw the blue sky,
If only, if only no family suffered pain, a good song lasted a life time,
If only, if only no friends were lost in the midst of life, no whip were cracked,
If only, if only, every mother had the chance to say good bye,
If only our world were perfect.
By Maddy,

This poem is dedicated to The Cramp Family.
I hope you enjoyed it!
Why don't you write your own if only poem, and comment us with it! We'll be sure to post it!

always, Mads

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