Saturday, October 10, 2009

M's Music

So I hear you ask, “what music are you crushing on?”

well I would have to say shwayze, seriously! such a good hip hop/rapper, among others. Personally, i used to hate rapping/hip-hop, but i actually love listening to his songs. I love them, though some are explicit (WARNING!!!!) they are always seriously catchy (EVEN MORE WARNING!!) ! I really like 'my girl', 'high together', 'buzzin’', 'Hollywood' and 'James Brown is dead', oh and of course i won't forget his newish one 'Get you home' which is more pop then the others.

Another couple of songs I am loving is “Sexy bitch” by David Guetta, and “good girls go bad” featuring Leighton Meester (ahh I love her) but I think I liked them better when I didn’t really know what they were, and was just dancing to them on the dance floor for the hell of it. but still, good music!

BEP (Black Eyed Peas) also have a relatively new song called 'meet me halfway' which is definetly catchy. How jealous was i when my friends mum went to their concert, YOU DONT WANNA KNOW!

oh and na├»ve by the kooks, I know it is old but they are so good, I love that song. and the Kaiser chiefs! have a listen to “ruby” its great!

and, I’m sorry to hurt all you ‘good’ music lovers, but I really don’t mind some of that 80’s shiz either! Probably cos i was brought up with it all, honestly i love it. Air guitars are the definition of life! 

oh and don’t forget 30H!3, god I love them, try “starstrukk” so catchy! They are soo funny!! oh and warning, may be explicit aswell...

All Time Lows songs are pretty damn good too! I think I’m going for a list here! Oh anchor & Braille ‘s “still sleeping” is quite a beautiful song too. yeah i told you it was a list..

Love as always, M!


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