Friday, October 9, 2009


monet - artist
hi! i'm going to talk to you about one of my favourite artists, monet! Monet (Claude Monet) was born in November, 1840! He was a fabulous impressionist painter, and a landscape painter. I'm not sure what impressionist painting is, but I'll describe it anyway! (because otherwise it'd be a VERY short post.:D) I believe that impressionist painting is when the artist draws and paints a scene but with the style of how he sees it. For example, a rich person on the side of a dry road, and on the other, an old man, poor and wet from soaking rains. This would show how different life is, and express the painters inner eye. And landscape painting is paintings of landscapes, DUH!

One of my favourite Monet pictures is this one right here:

I adore the colours and how he paints in a kind of silohette. I paint, and I find it very, very hard to get reflections on water, however in this image, must be an exception.

There a LOADS of Monet works, but I don't want to waste precious blogging space, so you'll have to google them yourself, sorry. My teacher told me that if you scrape away all the paint, layer by layer, you'd find the work before the finished piece, until you reach the bottom of the canvas, which would have the sketches for the masterpiece!!

So, this was my little tribute to Mr. Monet and his works. So now, go out and try to be like Monet, which I think would be extremely hard for those who can't grow beards, but you certainly can if you take my comment as a metaphor. Until another time, when I finally get rid of my finger cramps from typing, K.

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