Friday, October 16, 2009

Schoolyard Music

Hey! So, at my school my group sits (well, stands) around the tech buildings, and sometimes when me and some of my closest friends feel like it, we sing some of our favourite songs. This is gonna be pretty much a list, but I'm gonna tell a few stories aswell, so dont get disappointed.

The latest song is none other than Beyonce, Single Ladies. Ever since that GLEE episode me and my friends learnt the dance, and our goal is to teach it to heaps of people, but enough about that. Me and my friend Lozza (nickname) pretty much tackled this guy to the ground 'cause he said he had single ladies on his phone. The song is seriously catchy and addictive!

And Oh My GOODNESS! Black Eyed Peas with Tonight's Gonna Be a Good Night. Even my English teacher was singing this song!!

But before that, there was Flo Rida, feat. Nelly Futardo, with JUMP. Oh my Lordy! That was the best lucnh period ever! We sung the chorus over and over. Really catchy, its got a good use of rapping and pop (i thinks its pop, i dunno).

Then it was sexy bitch by David Guetta, our number 1 song while playing soccer handball before school. Its really addictive to sing, and nearly everyone knows the words. DAYUM!
And then it was Good Girls Go Bad, sorry, but I've had a mind blank and I don't know the name of the singer.

A special thanks to all my friends, Blaire, Janet, James, Lauren, Michelle, Jess, Mrs T. and Sam for singing with me in our lunch times! Its seriously fun.
Until next time, luv K.

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