Thursday, October 29, 2009

Clarice Bean - CUTE

Hi! Sorry, but this is gonna be a short post. I'm in a rush.
It's been a while I know, but I wanna tell you all about some really good books called "Clarice Bean". There are lots of little books, and a 3 novelish stories.

Written by Lauren Child, who is AMAZING. Her books are really imaginitive, even the way the font is is inspringing.

This is one of my favourites (I have all 3);

They are written as if Clarice herself is talking. It's utterly charming, and very cute. The stories have a way of talking about big problems (bullying & family) in a simple, friendly, funny way. Clarice is inspired by her book hero Ruby Redfort, and its really cute to see how children look up to others, and has a lot of leadership (see Clairce Bean, Don't Look Now).

Lauren Child also has writting children's stories about Charlie and Lola, which are also very cute.

So, if you need your daily dose of fun, wit and amazingness, then you should UTTERLY buy the Clarice Bean books. The 3 novels are, Clairce Bean, Don't Look Now, Clarice Bean Spells Trouble & Utterly Me, Clarice Bean. YAY!
Until next time, K. xx

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Lilly said...

Hi Maddy and Kelly!
You have a delightful blog! Thanks for visiting me on 'LillysGarden'! I adore the pink skirt with the black roses in one of your earlier posts! And singing in the schoolyard, well...I remember doing that, too^^.
I wonder which part of the world you are in? Lovely greetings,
Lilly :D