Saturday, November 28, 2009


Everyone... So, you may or may not notice the title of this article is "GaGa". You also may or may not notice that the lables say "music", "style" and "Lady Gaga". Hence the theme of the article; Lady Gaga.

She's been around for about a year, and man, does she dress... lets just say she has a unique style :D. But seriously, do the math; hair - blonde, hot, accessories - nice, shoes - unbelievable and dress - ultra modern. Despite rumours (you all know what I'm talking about ;D) I personally still like her songs and voice as an artist.

She's got only one album entitled "the Fame" featuring the song "the Fame" some of her other works. My friend has this album and everytime I go over to her place we dance to Boys boys boys, Love Game, Beautiful Dirty Rich, The Fame and the others ones (i forget all the names).

There you have it folks - Lady Gaga - she's awsome. From glamorous music vids, to glamorous fashion, all I can think of is GAGA.

Until next time : Just Dance!!  , K xx.

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